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Read Praise from Current EduBoston Parents and Students

We feel so lucky for our son that he could live with his current host family and be as dear as a member of the family. We are very grateful. Thanks for your concern! With EduBoston and your close attention, we are so relieved!
Li Family
Natural Parents
St. Peter-Marian International Student
EduBoston developed a really good and convenient program for not only students but also their parents, because they are there to facilitate the communication and provide all the updates about how I am doing in the U.S. to my family in China. If I were to describe EduBoston in one word it would be “support” because that’s what I have gotten from EduBoston for the past 4 years.
Wenqing "Liven" Teng
Class of 2017
Bancroft School | Worcester, Massachusetts
We are glad to receive the updates about the life and study of our child in America. We really appreciate for the considerate service of EduBoston and his host family!
Natural Parent
Central Catholic High School
EduBoston cares about their students. They’re more thoughtful in covering all aspects of life abroad. From the Student Affairs staff to the Program Managers to the host families, it’s obvious that EduBoston's goal is to meet every student’s needs. I always knew someone was there for me.
Keiyu "Will" Du
Class of 2014
Central Catholic High School | Lawrence, Massachusetts
Thanks for your help and concern for our child. You’ve taken our child as your own. We are really appreciative and grateful for that.
Natural Parent
St. Peter-Marian High School