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​EduBoston: Students First

At EduBoston, we pride ourselves in our team responsiveness to all international student needs. We provide comprehensive International Student support to ensure their success in their high school studies.

Multilayered Student International Support

  • More hands-on approach compared to similar U.S. Agencies
  • EduBoston earned an A+ service rating from largest recruitment agencies in Eastern Asia
  • Collaborative 6-layer support team ensures student success and keeps parents informed
  • Dedicated customer service from both the U.S. and China teams
    • 24/7 manned communications field
  • Parental access to all student information
    • Program Manager Student reports
    • Host Family reports
    • School reports
    • Student photos
    • ESL tutoring progress reports
    • Smugmug link to your son or daughter's unique photo-journal
      • 24/7 communication access to Natural Parent

Individualized Student Attention and Care

  • Birthday cake celebration for every student-We celebrate major Chinese and American holidays and each student’s birthday.
  • Photo-Journal –accessible to all Natural Parents
  • Community Service -teaches each student the importance of giving back
  • 1:1 Outings- Personal local trips with Program Managers
  • Provide cultural trips for students to local landmarks as well as national destination locations; students also go on college visits and tours.
  • Senior Gala –For Seniors, Host Families and Schools
  • Senior Scholarship -We award over $30,000 annually in scholarships to our seniors.
  • Comprehensive 2-week student orientation in the U.S., the longest in the industry.

EduBoston International Program

EduBoston’s International Program is a high school program for international students who need English Language Proficiency Training at the beginning of their US high school experience. Within the program, students receive the necessary language acquisition training without delaying their graduation date.

EduBoston’s International Program provides International Students:

  • Superior Language Training on the campus of a Private U.S. Day School
  • Full transferable US School Credit for classes
  • Guaranteed Acceptance to US School upon successful completion of program, 90% success rate
  • Live with US Host Family to improve Language skills
  • Average TOEFL score improves from 30 to 65
  • Bachson students currently have 100% acceptance rate into the Partner Schools
  • Participation in US school sports, activities, field trips WITH all students

Host Family Placement and Management

Our Host Families are loving and nurturing people who find hosting your child a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Your child is welcomed into their home and is treated like their own natural child. They serve as your child’s second family and share in the American family and cultural traditions.

  • Primary motivation is to provide a caring and loving environment
  • The family speaks to your child in English, assisting them to learn conversational language
  • Share in family and cultural experiences
  • Guide student through teenage maturity
  • Are supported and well-trained in our CSIET-certified Host Family Program
  • Receive ongoing training from our Cross-Cultural Training team-topics such as “What does an International Student like to eat” and much more

What are the Host Family’s responsibilities?

  • Transportation to school and from school-related activities either by parents or school bus
  • Average travel time 20-30 minutes or less
  • Provide a bedroom and meals
  • Make sure your child is safe and protected
  • Share family activities and American Holidays
  • Shares American culture and traditions

Host Family Profiles

  • Families live among school community
  • Homes represent neighborhoods of schools
  • Many families have their own children,
  • Host siblings provide cultural and social support
  • Safe, nurturing living environments
  • Students have their own bedroom
  • Loving and kind