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​Student and Parents Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is orientation necessary?

All students are required to attend orientation. Students need to be taught American Study Skills, Cultural Awareness, and how to engage with their Host Family. Students are given their school placement tests and English proficiency tests during orientation. They meet their new school teachers and make friends with American students.

What is the most important thing my child needs to prepare for life in the US?

Students need to be flexible. American schools are different than Chinese schools and the teachers behave differently.
Students need to be willing to participate with Host Family life. Students need to be willing to try new foods and talk to new people, as they will be expected to socialize and make friends.

Why do American Families want to host an international student?

It is a traditional part of the American culture to welcome international students into the home. American families like to get to know international students and welcome them into their families, share family experiences and holidays with the international students, introduce them to their extended family and friends and include them in their meals, family outings and celebrations.
America is a nation of immigrants who come from all over the world; sharing traditional cultures, food, language and stories are important threads in the fabric of American society.

Does EduBoston screen the Host Family?

Yes. All Host Families are subject to a rigorous screening process. Families interested in hosting provide detailed personal information and three personal/professional references. They also submit to a criminal background check. A visit to the Host Family home by an EduBoston Program Manager is required. During the Host Family visit, the program manager will meet all family members and take photographs of the home to populate the Host Family profile.

What are the requirements EduBoston has for hosting?

The responsibilities of the Host Family are to provide a clean, safe home environment that is conducive to rest and study, to provide transportation to and from school and school related events, and to feed their student as they feed themselves, and provide a separate bedroom for their student.

Am I allowed to visit my child during the school year?

Yes. Prior notification must be given to the EduBoston program manager and the Host Family. The student is not permitted to miss any school days. We recommend that parents visit for two weeks maximum. Please be sure to plan your visit with your child’s Host Family!

Will my child have health insurance?

Yes. All students will have health insurance to cover illness and injury as well as limited dental coverage. All students who are residing in the USA on an F1 student visa must show proof of health insurance. EduBoston takes care of this requirement for all students and students will be given their health insurance card during orientation.
The health insurance system in the US often requires the insured person to contribute a small percentage of their medical costs or administrative fees. This is called a “co-pay”. Each student must bring a credit card with when seeking medical care. EduBoston processes medical claims and paperwork when a doctor’s office does not. If a student is injured or requires hospitalization for any reason EduBoston will immediately contact the parents.

Can my child come home during school vacations?

Yes. Students can travel home during official school vacations. Students are not allowed to miss school for travel without permission from the school administration. All travel must be approved by the program manager and discussed with the Host Family prior to booking. Natural parents are welcome and encouraged to accompany their children for vacation travel during school vacations, but Natural Parents must book their own accommodation. They are not permitted to stay with the Host Family.

Do I have access to my child’s grades?

Yes. All natural parents are permitted to access their children’s grades. EduBoston program managers will give login information for the school database to the natural parents to look at their child’s grades. In addition, an EduBoston program manager will send the natural parents regular reports on their child’s success.

Will someone be able to find a tutor for my child if they need extra help?

Yes. All our partner schools have tutoring, after school resources and teacher counselling time available to all students. If a student needs additional help outside of school, the EduBoston program manager will facilitate a connection with a tutor to meet a student’s specific needs. The student will have to pay for additional tutoring services and the transportation to and from the tutor.