School Program Service - International Student | EduBoston

Unparalleled International Program Service

Our thorough New Partner School On-Boarding process, comprehensive recruitment strategy, and innovative admissions system ensures that we know your unique school community and find mission-fit candidates for admission.

Strategic Recruitment and Marketing

Our Recruitment Strategy includes...

  • Developing individualized school marketing materials to promote your school abroad
  • Arranging and hosting multiple student recruitment trips abroad each year, inviting you to represent your school in person
    • It's a great way for our staff and agencies to get to know you, resulting in a strong partnership!
  • Connecting you with current students’ families and helping coordinate development events
  • Building new partnerships and enhancing existing partnerships with recruiting agencies to ensure we maintain a consistent flow of qualified applicants for you
  • Inviting our international Agency Partners to join our U.S. Familiarization trips where they meet to learn more about Partner Schools and their mission

Personalized and Attentive Admissions

Our Admissions team...

  • Comprehensively evaluates every candidate before submitting his or her application to you
  • Provides pre-qualified applicants for consideration Customizes school recommendations to each student’s interests, personality and language proficiency
  • Having completed a “Real Time” online video session, our Admissions team knows every candidate firsthand, providing additional support for your admissions team

Partnering with EduBoston eliminates the guesswork. We manage all Host Family arrangements, provide ongoing professional development and cultural training, and deliver strategic International Program development and growth consultation.

Local Homestay Support

Our record of homestay management success is evident, as most of our families come to us through referrals and many Host Families continue in our program year after year.

  • Our Host Family Network consists of over 600 local families.
  • Host Families undergo a thorough initial screening process to make sure they are a good fit for our program and benefit from frequent communication with our local support team.
  • 93% of our students live with the same Host Family for the entire school year.
  • 73% of our students remain with the same Host Family throughout high school.

Ongoing Professional Development

We aim to provide our Partner Schools, staff and Host Families with the support, training and resources they need to deliver specialized instruction and guidance to EduBoston’s international students, offering cultural competency training for all members of the EduBoston support network.

Training includes:

  • Teacher Training for International Education
  • International Curriculum Planning and Design
  • ESL Teaching Methodologies

EduBoston Global Ambassadors Program

EduBoston has developed and created an entire program that our partner schools can use in their schools.

Through the Global Ambassadors Program (EGAP), EduBoston covers aspects of the cultural divide that can affect schools and offer teachers and staff resources and exercises that will enlighten the domestic student population. Our Partner Schools are trained to teach this program to American students. We give teachers the classroom resources, all teaching materials, homework assignments and rubrics to use in the International cultural classroom with a select few American students.

Topics include...

  • Linguistics, languages and what it all means.
  • Quirks of languages - Russian, English, Chinese.
  • Idioms and Para-linguistic features in our languages.
  • Cultural Mainstream Values
  • Classroom Cultural differences
  • The art of Smiling
  • Phases of cultural adjustment