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Our Host Families say...

We have had many wonderful moments as a host family but the ones I love most are when my host students forget about their routine and they find themselves hanging out after dinner, or coming to talk to me while I’m cooking, or plopping themselves on the sofa and opening up about what’s going on with their friends, school and about their childhood. It shows me that they are comfortable and happy in our home.
Host Mother
Malden, MA
“Hosting an international student is a way to experience another part of the world. It’s so nice that a different culture can come to you, right in your home…I think EduBoston does a great job, I’m so happy we’ve had the opportunity to do this. It’s good for [our host student], but it’s also good for us. You’d think she was mine, She’s the daughter I never had. I miss her when she goes back to China.”
Angela Wheatley
EduBoston Host Mother
Worcester, Massachusetts
EduBoston has made the hosting process very simple. They’re very experienced in bringing students from overseas and supporting them. If we have any questions our Program Manager responds immediately. We know that we have somebody to help. We've never felt we’ve been alone in this.
Paul Teece
EduBoston Host Father
Methuen, Massachusetts
“Hosting makes the world feel a little smaller. When you live with a student you find yourself focusing more on what you have in common with them, rather than on your differences. You get to experience things with them that you may take for granted. It makes me more appreciative of what I have and I love sharing all that our state has to offer with my international daughter.”
EduBoston Host Mother
Worcester, Massachusetts
"The EduBoston staff has been wonderful providing support and guidance to our family when needed. We know that if we ever needed extra guidance or help, our EduBoston Program Manager responds immediately. She visits us in our home and is always available."
Jackie Herrera
EduBoston Host Mother
Ashland, Massachusetts