Homestay Support - Host an International Student | EduBoston

​Industry-Leading, Multilayered Host Family Support

EduBoston sets a new standard for partner support within the international education industry. Our 6-Layered Support guarantees close collaboration between our Host Families, International Students and experienced Regional Teams.

All six elements of support are designed to provide communication with Host Families, Natural Parents, and EduBoston staff. Our 6-Layered Support ensures that you are never without local, personalized care and program support.

Our 6-Layered Support is comprised of...

  1. Program Manager: Dedicated local Program Managers provide full-time, direct attention and are locally available within a one-hour distance from their Host Families, Students and Partner Schools.
  2. Regional Manager: Experienced Regional Managers provide leadership and share expertise with the Program Managers and Student Affairs Coordinators within their regionally-based teams.
  3. Student Affairs Coordinator: Bilingual Student Affairs Coordinators serve as interpreters, mentors and cultural experts, ensuring that students and Host Families receive necessary additional support and guidance.
  4. Cross-Cultural Training Consultants: Cross-Cultural Trainers coach, mentor, and advise our students, Host Families, Partner Schools, Field and International Staff. Training includes ESL and International Program (IP) Support from our Certified Educators.
  5. International Customer Support: Service-minded Customer Support Administrators stationed abroad facilitate quick and efficient communication between the U.S. teams and Natural Parents, guaranteeing high quality support for our students and Host Families.
  6. EduBoston Homestay Network: Responsive corporate team located in our Boston headquarters are ready to help answer any questions, process Host Family referrals and provide additional support to our field team.