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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How involved should I be in my student’s academic experience?

EduBoston meets with teachers and school counselors regularly to monitor the student’s academic progress. Your Program Manager will ask you to provide a good study environment at home and offer your support and encouragement.

How do we apply to become a Host Family?

It’s simple. Get started by... Completing our Host Family Information Form - here. Calling the EduBoston Homestay Center - 617-208-8544. Emailing our Host Family Representatives - We look forward to welcoming you into our Host Family Community.

Does each Host Family member need to get a background check?

All adults living in your home who are over the age of 18 and not in high school must complete a background check.

What support and training will EduBoston provide?

EduBoston prepares Host Families by providing an in-depth summer training program prior to the International Student's arrival, ongoing cultural training, and regular Webinars. We also provide one-on-one Program Support through our 6-Layered Support Staff and many Host Family Services including a 24/7 hotline. As a result, our Host Families are fully informed and ready to welcome their International Students.

Will my International Student have health insurance?

Yes. All International Students in the EduBoston program receive health insurance though EduBoston. EduBoston provides additional medical and International Student health insurance training.

What if my International Student gets sick and needs to see a doctor?

If your International Student becomes ill during his/her Homestay, our support team will be available to help you decide the best course of action. Our Support Staff are available 24/7, so you are never without experienced resources.

Can I refer a family or friend to become a Host Family?

EduBoston proudly supports our Host Families and greatly appreciates when they recommend that a friend join our Host Family Community. As a thank you to our current Host Families for their unwavering support, we frequently offer paid referral promotions to grow and develop our homestay network.

Who are the International Students?

EduBoston International Students come from a variety of countries, such as China, Korea, Mexico and Vietnam, and EduBoston manages their placement in our local partner schools. Our International Students are middle school and high school age students.

Will my International Student speak English?

Most of our International Students communicate easily in English, while some need more support. During the student's homestay, EduBoston offers academic and ESL support to help their transition into their middle and high schools and American cultural.

What are the responsibilities of a Host Family?

The basic responsibilities are to provide a safe and loving home, a bedroom, meals, and transportation to and from school and activities. We encourage you to treat your student as you would your own child.

Do I get paid for hosting an International Student?

Yes, Host Families are paid. Once you are selected to become a Host Family, you will be paid a monthly stipend to cover the International Student’s living costs and other expenses.

Can I host an International Student if I am a single parent?

Yes! We strongly encourage anyone who can provide a safe and loving home environment to become a Host Parent.

Can I host the same International Student for more than one year?

Absolutely! This is an ideal situation for both Host Families and International Students. We hope that you develop a strong bond with your student and choose to continue your Host Family arrangement throughout their high school years.

Can I host two International Students?

Our goal is to have one International Student per Host Family. We find that this International Student placement environment encourages more cultural understanding and learning. However, depending on your family circumstances, it may be possible to host two International Students in your home.