Elisa Lelios | EDUBOSTON

Elisa Lelios

Director of Admissions

As a career educator, with experience in both boarding and day schools, Elisa Lellios has spent many years working with international students. She has taught at Northfield Mount Hermon, Miss Porter’s School, and Bancroft School. As a former English teacher and school Dean, she is well-prepared to support both prospective students and schools as they navigate the admissions process. As a mother of two daughters, she is also keenly aware of the challenges today’s students face in finding personal success and a path to college. Elisa enjoys helping students as they navigate these life-choices, and she looks forward to helping our EduBoston students to achieve, thrive, and excel. As Director of Admissions, Elisa appreciates the opportunity to help EduBoston grow and to find the most suitable matches for students and schools, so that all involved are poised for success.