West Coast Orientation 2019 | EDUBOSTON

West Coast Orientation 2019

Friday, Aug 30, 2019

Our first West Coast Orientation began on July 26th on a hot and sunny day in California. The students experienced our unique west coast culture, foods, as well as the traffic we are known for! The modules were designed to help the student understand the nuances of American culture, the host family dynamic, and their lines of support from EduBoston as well as their school. They experienced a variety of foods that were provided by either the orientation organizers or their host parents. When they were in orientation, the students experienced many of the tourist spots such as the Santa Monica Pier, the Westfield Topanga Mall, Downtown Los Angeles, and of course Six Flags Magic Mountain. Orientation 1 has held at St. Genevieve High school and the students that attended this orientation session were greeted by host families and stayed with host families throughout the orientation. There they experienced different foods and got to experience host families first hand. 


The host families came from different backgrounds but all provided a great experience for the students since these families have hosted for many years. These students also participated in service learning in which they helped out at Big Heart Ranch in Malibu CA. The students had the opportunity of showering hogs and brushing horses manes. They also helped build a new fence for the garden while there, it was hard work but they finished with a smile. On our last day, it was great to reward their hard work with a day out in Los Angeles. We visited the Grand Central Market where they got to see many great spots to eat such as Eggslut that specializes in a burger that is topped with an over-easy egg. This place was packed by the time we arrived and it was only 10am. After the grand central market, we visited the US Bank tower which is the tallest building west of the Mississippi. We visited the skyspace lounge which sits atop of the 70th floor of the building and offers breathtaking views of Los Angeles. We had lunch at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot in Arcadia afterwards which the students really wanted as this is a popular hotpot restaurant in China and they were happy to see one so close to where they would be staying at for the whole year. Lastly, we finished our day at Six Flags Magic Mountain where we enjoyed many thrills before the close of orientation. 




Six days later we welcomed our students for West Coast Orientation 2 which was hosted at the EduBoston Pasadena Office. Located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, we were located nearby the mecca of Chinese Food. Our first weekend consisted of a visit to the 626 night market where the students could find many Asian food options served as it were a night market in Taiwan or Hong Kong.  Although this was one of our shorter orientations we managed to pack enough activities that the students were always walking or staying outside. On our last day, we went out to get DimSum at China Red (a popular Dim sum restaurant in Arcdia), had Durian as a snack, got to game on some really nice gaming PC's and had dinner at the famous Hai Di Lao.