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Understanding the World Cup Fever

Tuesday, Jul 03, 2018

World Cup Fever describes the mysterious illness that causes many workers and students to miss (be absent from) work or school at this time of the year. Surprisingly, even people in the US are “suffering” from World Cup Fever this year, despite the US team not making it to the 2018 tournament.   

If you are a football fan (“soccer” in the US), and you want to be able to talk about your favorite players and matches in English, here is a handy (useful) English football vocabulary reference from Kaplan International you can save to your phone or print and keep in your wallet:

 A screenshot of a video game

Description generated with high confidence

And here are some useful phrases you might hear or that you could use while watching a soccer match with friends:   

What?!!! That was clearly intentional! That should have been a red card!  

What?!!! Is that referee blind (=unable to see) ?!!! That was totally offside!  

I’d like (= I would like) to see what Golovin would do as a midfielder in the Premier League.  

I can’t believe Messi missed the penalty kick!

Let’s go, guys! Counterattack!  

Another own-goal?  I can’t believe it!  

I can’t believe Russia beat Spain South Korea beat Germany.

People say that De Gea is the world’s best goalkeeper, but after the shoot-out at the end of the Spain-Russia game, I’m not so sure.

Amazing save (= when the goalkeeper stops a goal)  by South Korea’s Hyeonwoo Jo!  

If you think that was amazing – have you ever seen Colombia’s Rene Higuita do his famous scorpion kick?

Who would be on your FIFA dream team?  

Planning to study abroad in the US?  If you want to sound more like a native speaker, here’s a common structure in everyday language to describe changes and trends:  GET + Comparative Adjective or GET + Comparative Adjective + AND + the same Comparative Adjective.    

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description generated with very high confidence

Examples: As the summer days get hotter (and hotter), the World Cup Final is getting closer (and closer). Mexico’s Hirving “Chucky” Lozano is getting more (and more) attention from international football (soccer) fans. Apartments here in Boston are getting more (and more) expensive every year.