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St. Peter Marian’s Stellar Seniors

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018
St. Peter Marian’s Stellar Seniors:  Yiming (Clark, or “Soucy”) Zhou and Yichen (Frank) Zhou

What’s the best thing about SPM?  Math.  Yiming and Yichen, Clark and Frank, agree on this. Both are members of the school’s math team, ranked #2 nationally among Catholic schools this year, and #1 last school year. They both name their math team coach, Ms. Amidon, as their most influential teacher, because she is “very welcoming to international students -- and nice.”  

They also really like a particular physics teacher, Mr. (George) Soucy. In fact Yiming, formerly known to his American teachers and classmates as Clark, has decided to adopt “Soucy” as his American first name – after his teacher, and “because it sounds like sushi – and I like sashimi and sushi.”

I interviewed the two friends together, and found they have much in common. Both are top students, on the honor roll and members of the National Honor Society, and involved in many different extracurricular activities. But it definitely sounds like the Math Team is their favorite activity. They practice once a week and compete every month.

Both came to SPM four years ago as freshmen, and although they had met previously in China, they didn’t really know each other and become friends until they started studying together at SPM. Both have also made a lot of friends over the years at SPM, including Americans, Koreans and Vietnamese students, along with other Chinese national classmates, of course. They said they made friends while working on group projects in school and participating in extracurricular activities. A key to making and building friendships with Americans, Yiming says, is joining SnapChat and connecting to classmates there.

How did they choose SPM? Yiming says he had visited the school with his parents and liked it.
They say they study a lot so their “free time” is limited, but they do like to take day trips to Boston and to play a little League of Legends and Battleground with local friends.
Their advice to students thinking of coming to study in the US? “Study a lot of English before you come, especially speaking!” says Yuxing, and “Respect your teachers and classmates.”  Yuchen adds, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” 

Next up? Neither has decided on a college or a major, but both have already been admitted to schools in the top 60 and are waiting to hear from other schools. Will they stay together in college? Maybe, maybe not. They have applied and been admitted to some of the same schools, but even if they part ways, they plan to keep in touch.