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Parent and Teacher Connections

Monday, May 14, 2018

How can parents of international students in the U.S. connect with their children’s teachers? This is an important question that EduBoston has addressed. We place international students in quality homestays where English is spoken, and we employ dedicated professionals who always have the student’s best interest in mind, using technology to bridge the language gap between natural parents and U.S. teachers.

While natural parents of international students typically cannot physically be present at school meetings and events, U.S. homestay host parents are encouraged to attend. These homestay parents often take a very active role in making sure their international student is succeeding at school. For example, besides attending school events, they regularly communicate with the student’s EduBoston Program Manager. The Program Manager, in turn, sees that this feedback from the homestay parent is forwarded to the natural parents (in the language of the natural parents). This feedback includes positive progress the student is making, along with challenges that are occurring.

EduBoston, therefore, has vital staff members who are fluent in Chinese and other languages besides English. This allows for the student’s successes and areas for improvement to be made known to the student’s parents, and for the natural parents to convey their concerns and comments back to the teachers.

Technology, too, offers additional means of parent and teacher connections. Most U.S. schools now have highly interactive website portals containing a wealth of information pertaining to every course at the school. For example, parents may directly access their child’s class assignments and grades online. The EduBoston Program Manager not only monitors online student assignments, grades and any comments from teachers and efficiently gets this information translated and sent to the natural parents, but also intervenes directly with the student, to best facilitate coursework progress.

Clearly, U.S. schools have come a long way from the days of the one room schoolhouse. U.S. schools now are quite diverse, with international students from many countries. So, it is vital that schools of all sizes have varied ways in place for parents and teachers to connect with each other, especially through technology, homestay parents, and professionals fluent in the student’s native language. EduBoston is an international education services agency well positioned to see that these connections occur successfully.