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I went to the robotics competition FRC 2018: Power Up

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018

Meet Leo Liang, a current Saint Mary’s College Preparatory High School of Lynn 10th grader in the school's Robotics Club. This club, named "Phalanx," which is Greek for "a group of heavily armed infantry," went Saturday, March 10th to a multi-school Robotics Competition.

The St. Mary's High School Robotics Club is made up of about 25 students. Almost all were able to go on this overnight weekend competition, held at the Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District High School. Approximately 30 area school robotics teams were represented. Leo, the official St. Mary's robotics club videographer and photographer, explained that their "Phalanx" team has worked for several months to imagine, research, design and build a functional robot that could perform tasks that would be tested at this year's robotics competition. The club Advisor is Dr. John Oldham, who accompanied the students to the competition. Dr. Oldham teaches Chemistry at St. Mary's and has been quite helpful with the school's Phalanx team.

As Leo explained, "...teams are given complicated missions (with about) 20 different tasks for the robots to master." Leo said the teams accrued points as they went along. From the accompanying video Leo created, we can see the robots working to throw big boxes into certain areas, along with other more difficult maneuvers.

Leo also told us that Saint Mary's wasn't one of the top teams this year, but his club had a great time and they learned a lot. "I think we will be lots better next year," Leo added. All of St. Mary's High School is very proud of the St. Mary's Phalanx Robotics Club!