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EduBoston Senior Shares Advice for International Students

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019


-Carol Wang

I have been at St. Mary’s High School for the past four years, here in Lynn, MA, just a quick train ride away from Boston. During these challenging years, EduBoston has been a very responsible company for its international students studying in America. EduBoston makes the U.S. feel like home for us. The teachers here are always helping us, whether we ask great or silly questions, and they let us know more about America and its culture.

International students in America must face a big hurdle – homesickness. We are studying in another country and everything is different here – the language, the food, even the time. After some time, though, you will adapt to the environment. Still, homesickness is one of the biggest challenges for us. I learned to not worry about this problem, though, once I experienced some fun holiday times. This was true especially when the Chinese New Year arrived, during my first year here. That year, and each year since then, the EduBoston students in our school, sometimes with some of the traditional American students, all sit together like a big family. It’s almost like being in China, having dinner and watching some fun entertainment. It makes me feel like I’m in China again!





Another big challenge here for international students is communications. We need to know English well enough to understand what the teachers are talking about in class, so that we can learn more things. My first year here, I had trouble with communications. I was worried and anxious at the same time. But my EduBoston Program Manager talked with me and tried to communicate with my teachers to help me with my classes. After a few months, my English improved and I felt very safe to have someone helping me when I had any questions.

American culture is quite different from Chinese culture. I do not go to China over the Christmas school breaks. Instead, I love spending time with my host family during this holiday season. At first, I didn’t know what to expect with Christmas, especially my freshman year. My host family, though, was so kind. They talked with me in a slow speed to make sure I really understood them. In this way, I learned a lot of Christmas facts from them. Even though there are many customs with other holidays, Christmas quickly became my favorite holiday!



I love my high school life here. Of course, it is not perfect, but I have learned a lot from my time here. Life in the U.S. has been very positive, partly because EduBoston has always been here for all of my improvement. The Program Manager and the ESL Teachers have helped me a great deal, both academically and socially. I have had a very nice experience with EduBoston in America!