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EduBoston Freshman Excels in Greater Boston

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019


-David Shao

My name is David and I’m a freshman studying at St. Mary’s High School in Lynn, MA. This is my first year studying in the U.S. With EduBoston’s help, my life has become much easier than I thought it would be.


When I first arrived in the United States, panic was all I felt. I knew nothing about living in the U.S. My English wasn’t really good enough to deal with all the different people I was meeting. Luckily, EduBoston held an orientation session for me and the other new international students. In the orientation, I got to know other students who would also study in the U.S. Most of them ended up becoming my friends and we still keep in touch, sometimes helping each other with academic subjects and language acquisition.


EduBoston keeps close track of every international student. The students’ grades and school activities get reported regularly to the students’ parents. Report cards also are sent to the natural parents at the end of each school quarter. In this way, parents can know how their child is doing, even from half a world away.


EduBoston cares about the quality of each international student’s life, both with academics and social aspects, too. Our Program Manager visits with each American host family, at least once every 3 months. Also, if there is any problem, I can always go to see the Program Manager, and she will fix it. Our ESL Teacher stays after school in the library and tutors some of us. He’s really helped me a lot, especially about essays. He has corrected my grammar and explained advanced words for me to use.


I really appreciate the work my Program Manager, my ESL Teacher and the EduBoston company has done for me. They’ve assisted me numerous times with academics and life in general, and this has really benefitted me.