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Dracut Host Parent Praises Program Manager

Friday, Mar 10, 2017

Central Catholic High School host parent of two commends EduBoston Program Manager, Kim O’Keefe, as instrumental in making her family’s experience a success.

EduBoston recently heard from host parent, Jamie Deignan of Dracut, Mass., who currently has two EduBoston Chinese high schoolers living with her. The family started with just one student, Tina, but soon after, invited another student, Vivian, to join their busy home.

"I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate Kim O'Keefe and her leadership," Deignan writes."She has been professional, caring and gone above and beyond what we expected. One of our girls struggled with the cultural transition at the beginning and Kim checked in on her frequently, making sure she had everything she needed to feel comfortable and safe here."

Deignan said O’Keefe beautifully facilitated the student’s adjustment and “worked tirelessly to make the arrangements necessary for a smooth transition.”

"Kim loves these kids so much," she wrote in an e-mail to EduBoston. "It is evident that her job is more than a job - it is an incredible work of service to these kids."

“My ‘daughters’ just love Kim as well, always saying how kind and helpful she is,” Deignan writes. “I believe it's a thought shared among the students and host families. Our family has been incredibly blessed by this experience and your company is blessed to have someone like Kim representing you.”

EduBoston’s unique program attribute, 6 Layers of Student Support, helps students and natural families know that students are in good hands at all times. The 6 Layers of Student Support includes members of EduBoston’s friendly, knowledgeable Program Manager team as well as its caring, committed Host Families, and dedicated school partners and teachers.

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