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Chinese Cooking Cuisine : Students Connect through International Recipes!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

EduBoston Program Manager Rose Nanista has a new house with a newly remodeled kitchen. So, what did she do to break it in? She invited four teenage boys over to cook. Some food flew around, a paper towel caught fire, and a great time was had by all.

It all started because the boys wanted to have a birthday party. That, and, said Nanista, “I kept telling the boys I’d love to learn how to cook real Chinese cooking cuisine. Dom loves to cook, so he said he was going to teach me how to cook international recipes.”

So, a few weeks ago, Nanista finally got her wish when she hosted a birthday dinner party in her home for four of her Trinity Catholic High School students, Sam Chuang Zuo, a freshman; Dylan Taiyu Ying, a junior; Dom Dai Dong, also a junior, and Freddy Jiangtao Wang, a senior. Dom, who is a self-taught cooking whiz, was the head chef. 

“Dom and I met in the morning. We went grocery shopping together, and Dom and Freddy came over early to start cooking.” One of the boys brought over authentic spices from China, and they bought a special kind of flour from a restaurant, but everything else they found in their local supermarket.

“Dom wants to be a chef and really fell into the role, orchestrating the rest of the boys to help. He was flipping food up in the air. And it was amazing how he cooked without any recipe.” 

What was on the menu?  “We made five dishes – actually six: oxtail soup, tomatoes and eggs, spicy Coca Cola chicken wings, spicy beef and peppers, and a beef and eggplant dish. And scallion pancakes.” Nanista said her favorites were the chicken wings, the spicy beef, and “the pancakes – they were delicious.”


“It was really a fun night,” said Nanista. “It was great bonding time for the new, younger students with the older students. And the boys were so proud of themselves.” She said the boys went way out in preparing the meal and the table. They learned how to set the table American-style and how to be good hosts. “They had my daughters sit down first, explained everything to them, and made sure they tried everything. My daughters really enjoyed it.”

Nanista also taught them the very important practical skill of cleaning up the kitchen as you go.

As for the cooking lesson? 

“I never realized how long it took to make Chinese cuisine. It was amazing.” She was also surprised to see how much salt and soy sauce were used in the dishes. “But the food was really good. It was much better than you get in the restaurants around here. Very different.”  

She will probably make the wings and the spicy beef dish again, and she says she’ll definitely make the scallion pancakes, “but they were a lot of work.” 

Will they do it again sometime??

The kids want to do it again, and the ones who were out of town or busy and didn’t come, saw the pictures after and were jealous.  

As for Dom, who was the chef de cuisine extraordinaire, Nanista says, “If he opened a restaurant, I would be his first customer.” 


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