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12 Reasons Vietnamese Students Choose to Study in the US

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018


According to the title of recent article in VN Express International, an English-language newspaper, “In Vietnam, good parenting equals a straight-A kid, plus an American degree.”  


US high schools and colleges do face competition from Australia and Canada in particular, but also from Singapore, the UK, Japan and China.  Why do Vietnamese students and their families prefer the US? 


There are practical reasons: 

  • The perceived quality of US schools and educational methods
  • The US’s smaller class sizes and high level of interaction between students and teachers
  • The opportunity to learn and develop proficiency in the English language
  • Future professional opportunities, in particular in business and science – Not only is the US the number one importer of Vietnamese products (or two, after China, depending on the source), it is also seen as a scientifically advanced country.
  • Resulting opportunity for long-term improved social and economic mobility in Vietnam.
  • (US high schools give) the best academic and social preparation to attend US colleges
  • Family ties in the US, which not only can provide emotional and sometimes extra economic support, but also can help Vietnamese parents understand and navigate the US educational system and can help Vietnamese students adapt to living in the US
  • The intense competition for limited places in the best quality Vietnamese schools

There are also emotional and cultural reasons that US remains the top destination for Vietnamese students:


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