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“EduBoston’s organization is professional, reliable and cutting edge. Management is intentional and progressive. Admissions never falters. Student Affairs is efficient and supportive. The team ensures quality retention and on-boarding with refined orientation and thorough customer service for their students, schools and homestays.”
Jessica L. Morales
Director of Enrollment Management
St. Joseph High School (Trumbull, Connecticut)
“We feel so lucky for our son that he could live with his current host family and be as dear as a member of the family. We are very grateful. Thanks for your concern! With EduBoston and your close attention, we are so relieved!”
The Li Family
Natural Parent of St. Peter-Marian, International Student
“EduBoston developed a really good and convenient program for not only students but also their parents, because they are there to facilitate the communication and provide all the updates about how I am doing in the U.S. to my family in China. If I were to describe EduBoston in one word it would be “support” because that’s what I have gotten from EduBoston for the past 4 years.”
Wenqing "Liven" Teng, class of 2017
The Bancroft School
Worcester, Massachusetts
“As our partnership with EduBoston has grown and strengthened, we have built a foundation of trust. We developed a more interconnected approach, establishing direct access and communication with both the Host Families and the Natural Families. We see a completely collaborative arrangement, with Bancroft, EduBoston, Host Families and Natural Families all communicating directly, working together to support the International Students in our care.”
Robin Silverman
Director of International Student Program
Bancroft School (Worcester, Massachusetts)
“Hosting an international student is a way to experience another part of the world. It’s so nice that a different culture can come to you, right in your home…I think EduBoston does a great job, I’m so happy we’ve had the opportunity to do this. It’s good for [our host student], but it’s also good for us. You’d think she was mine, She’s the daughter I never had. I miss her when she goes back to China.”
Angela Wheatley
EduBoston Host Mother
Worcester, Massachusetts