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​Consultants Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes EduBoston different from other companies?

EduBoston works with many schools exclusively and enjoys the largest list of partner schools in the New England area. Our support services for students, partner schools and agents is unmatched by others in the industry. We have full-time customer service staff available around the clock in four different countries.

EduBoston is also a CSIET-approved organization. This qualifies us for offering overseas homestay placement under the standards set forth by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.

Which schools do you work with?

EduBoston is working with an extensive list of partner schools located across the country in MA, CT, RI, PA, NJ and CA. Please check here for all our partner school profiles

In which ways does EduBoston recruit and screen Host Families?

Most Host Families are referred to EduBoston by our partner schools and are typically parents of students currently attending or an alumnus of the school.

Families are vetted by EduBoston staff and undergo strict background checks and home visits to determine if they are suitable to host our international students. EduBoston continues to support Host Families during their time with the student by providing them training, establishing open communication, and providing other resources required to make hosting successful.

What's the reason Host Families want to host an international student?

To experience different cultures and make a contribution to their school and the community.

Do you have a boarding program?

Yes. In addition to the American Homestay Program, EduBoston also has a residential care program, Elite Managed Care Program (EMC). For more information on this program click here.

How can parents and consultants monitor student's progress both academically and personally?

Our Program Managers, school faculty and Host Families work together to monitor students’ progress and make information available to parents. With an outstanding online database called CRMS, the EduBoston team builds a portfolio of the student’s career including academic reports, Program Manager reports, Host Family reports, awards, pictures and other important information. Each consultant and parent will have an exclusive username and password to login CRMS 24/7 from anywhere in the world as well as access to our customer service team to help get information on their child.

Can parents go to US as student's dependents? Or is it possible that the parents find a Host Family by themselves?

For the duration of a student’s enrollment in an EduBoston Partner School, the student will remain a member of the EduBoston Program. At no point while the student is on I-20 will he/she leave the EduBoston Program and simultaneously remain a member of the same school.

This includes, but is not limited to, a situation where a parent(s) moves to live in the United States. The only exception to this will be if a parent obtains full legal residency in the United States and lives with the student full time in an area near the school. Exceptions to this rule will be examined on a case by case basis and final decision rests with the EduBoston leadership council.

Why is the orientation compulsory for the International students?

Required by all EduBoston Partner Schools, every new International student is required to attend EduBoston's orientation.

EduBoston Orientation prepares students to more effectively transition into a new social, cultural and academic environment. The program is designed to identify and address the most fundamental challenges that international students face when adapting to a new culture. Among the most valuable services offered in our orientation is a carefully crafted ESL course designed to help familiarize international students with the demands of their new American teachers and Host Family.