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Information for Schools


EduBoston works with our partners to develop unique recruitment and admissions plans for each school. The primary goal of EduBoston is to help every school meet its own goals. Whatever the school’s international student program mission, large or small, EduBoston can help achieve it through our extensive network of foreign partners and streamlined admission process.

Comprehensive Admissions Process

The EduBoston admissions team has extensive experience working with private schools and their admissions departments. Our team personally interviews every candidate and videotapes each interview to send directly to the school’s admissions team. In addition, we provide individual feedback and school recommendations based on the student’s goal and English proficiency. This ensures that schools only interview quality candidates who meet their criteria for admission.

Efficient Online Platform

In an effort to constantly improve our service to both students and schools, we have implemented an online admissions platform. This platform allows us to package all application materials to be sent to schools in an efficient and comprehensive manner. The EduBoston admissions team will be there every step of the way to help in any way necessary or consult on cases.

Our approach combines a personal touch with modern day tools and results in an accelerated and efficient process, producing the best fit for both the student and the school.