Streamlined Admissions - International Student | EduBoston

​Innovative Admissions Process

EduBoston's unique admissions process guarantees accurate and efficient application process. We work closely with our Partner Schools to ensure admissions decisions are shared with students quickly.

Our Streamlined Admissions Process Includes:

  • Simple four step application process that ensures the efficiency and accuracy of Partner School feedback.
  • User-friendly online platform called Rediker, that ensures a quick and easy application delivery; continual training is offered to any new staff that joins your firm.
  • Customized Partner School recommendations for each student based on his or her interests, personality and language proficiency.
  • EduBoston Admissions team gets to know every candidate firsthand, and provides additional support for consultants and Partner Schools ensuring a quick decision.

Our online application enhances student’s opportunity for admissions.

Online Application Benefits:

  • One-time entry can apply to all schools!
  • Load documents (transcripts, letters, passport, etc.) in one easy place
  • Schedule Video Interview in the same place
  • Can reactivate application easily later if student would like to add schools- no need to resubmit
  • EduBoston Schools will now only accept the online application!!
  • Track when all materials are submitted
  • EduBoston can track all of agency's students in an easy way for commissions
  • Fast, Easy, Efficient

Our online application process is only four steps:

Step 1 – Application

Complete EduBoston Application Form, which is completed through our online platform. Upload the following documents directly into the online application.
  1. Scanned transcripts from the most recent 3 years of schooling
  2. TOEFL/SLEP/SSAT test score report (if any)
  3. Recommendations letters (English, Math or Student Advisor or principal)
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Bank statement (for 1-20)
  • Getting the student’s full materials at the beginning makes the application process quicker and easier.

Step 2 - Interviewing

  1. Schedule a videotaped EduBoston Skype interview through our online application portal.
  2. After each interview, the student will be provided with feedback and school fit suggestions. Videos are sent with the application to schools.
  3. Student decides on schools to apply to based upon EduBoston’s recommendations.
  4. Once video interview and application materials are complete, application package is submitted to schools.
  5. Most of our schools use the videotaped interview to accept students. However, EduBoston will inform student/consultant of interview date and time if the school requires a second interview.
    1. Just schedule ONE interview and it can be sent to many schools. SAVES TIME

Step 3 - Commitment

  1. Student must accept or decline the offer within 7 days.
  2. In order to commit, student must submit Tuition Deposit, Program Deposit and fully signed enrollment contract.
  3. One easy deposit payment & simple forms return!

Step 4 - Enrollment

  1. Once the payment is received, the schools will express mail the I-20 directly to the student in China
  2. Student informs EduBoston once U.S. Visa is obtained
  3. Once obtaining VISA, student must submit:
    1. Tuition Balance
    2. Remaining fee
    3. Host Family Preference Form
    4. Flight Information
  4. Student will receive Host Family Profile for approval by parents and students.
  5. EduBoston will greet students at the airport and transport them to the Orientation Camp!